5 Things I took for granted before I had a baby.

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I wouldn’t change being a mum for the world. It is hands down the best thing i have ever done. I would, however, take the time to go back and tell my younger self to stop, take time, and appreciate the following

1. Bathing more than once a week. Don’t get me wrong, I do bathe every day. But a lukewarm bath with a squiggly rugrat on your lap just doesn’t cut it sometimes. I greatly look forward to a Sunday afternoon where I can take my book to a bath that is so hot it hurts, and just sit there in adult bubblebath. Uninterrupted. This I do not take for granted. Because I know that soon enough, the afore mentioned squiggly rugrat will be pestering me to get out and come play with her!

*note to self: must move to a house that has a lockable bathroom door.

2. My pelvic floor. Before Alice i could quite happily sneeze, do star jumps, go on a trampoline; do all sorts of things without the risk of a bit of wee coming out. Nowadays I just have to cross my legs and hope for the best! If any of you ladies are currently pregnant, then – for your own good – do your pelvic floors! You’ll regret not doing it more.

3. A clean house. Now, I have never been the most tidy person in the world. But what I now deem as an ‘acceptable’ standard of living has changed dramatically in the last five months. My house occasionally resembles that of a student. Or a squatter. My dining room has now been renamed the laundrette (I occasionally find time to fold the washing, but rarely get time to put it away!) And you are lucky if you can navigate your way across my very small living room without having to step over toys, nappy bags, knitting and cold cups of coffee. But who cares, we see the carpet and the dining room table once in a while when we have visitors.

4. Staying up late ‘just because’. This was all well and good before Alice, but now I could stay up, but we all know that tomorrow will be the day that Alice decides that 5am is the time she wants to get up and play. Sleep

5. Popping Out. Not going away for a holiday, not going out for the day, not even meeting a friend for a coffee. But popping out.Getting up and leaving the house at a moments notice to get something you needed, or simply ‘just because’. Now we have to change her nappy, sterilise bottles and boil water, prepare formula, pack change bag, dress little one, put little one in pram, head towards the door. Reverse back into the house, that noise didn’t sound to friendly. Check nappy. Change nappy. Change clothes, this one went up her back. Put back in pram. Baby cries. Check your watch, its time for a feed. Feed baby, burp baby, baby throws up, change baby….you can see why I can never just ‘pop out’ any more, right?

What do you miss from your carefree days?

F x


Quick Eats! – Chilli Con Carne

Firstly. Every mum needs a slow cooker in their life, right? I love being able to pop something in in the day and it be there ready and waiting for us in the evening. My personal favourite at the moment is Chilli Con Carne, at just around 500kcal per serving including rice you cant really go wrong, especially if like me you are trying to loose that mum-tum still!

Serves Four


500g Lean Beef Mince (Preferably less that 5% fat)

1 onion

2 sticks of celery

1 tin of chopped tomatoes

1 tin of kidney beans

1 tin of mixed beans in chilli sauce

Tomato puree

Chilli powder

Chilli flakes

Ground cumin


Salt and Pepper

Dark muscovado sugar


1. Brown the mince off (beef has its own juices so no need for oil)

2. Take the mince out of the pan and set to one side leaving the juices in the pan

3. Fry off a diced onion and diced celery and diced pepper in beef juices

4. When browned sprinkle over some sugar and continue to cook until sugar has gone a bit gloopy

Don’t worry if you don’t have dark muscovado sugar, you can skip this step and save your waistline!!

5. Add the spices to your taste with a bit of salt ( i tend to put a fair bit of paprika and little bits of the rest, obi add more chilli if you like spice!!)

6. Add the Beef and onion mix to the slow cooker

7.Add the tinned tomatoes

8. Add a large squirt of tom puree, stir in and cook for a few mins

9. Add the beans, and the drained tin of kidney beans

10. Turn to a high heat and leave to cook for 4 hours. (Alternatively leave on a low heat for 8 hours!)

All prepared in around 15 minutes, and ready to eat whenever you need it! We like to add some grated cheddar cheese and a squirt of salad cream..don’t know it ’till you’ve tried it!

What are your quick ‘go-to’ recipes?

F x

Alice’s 5 Month update!

Okay, so this is more of an introduction than an update… but Alice has just turned five months old and i can’t believe how fast she is growing up!


Clifton suspension bridge after a 22km walk to raise money for a poorly little baby from our birth group.

Alice is currently:

  • 17lb 13oz and has moved up to the 91st centile (everyone loves a chubby baby though, right?)
  • Blowing awesome raspberries. Yes her face, and indeed my face is now permanently covered in spit. But its just so darn cute!
  • Cutting her first tooth! This is BIG news! this morning her first tooth has just emerged above her gum line and she is coping really well. We are using Anbesol liquid and some Nurofen liquid for children to ease the pain for her.
  • Sitting by herself. Well, just and only for a little while (until something catches her interest and she moves her head and falls over!)
  • Sleeping through! Now i appreciate i am very lucky to have a little one that sleeps through, but I’m super proud of her for keeping up the good work despite her teething!
  • Loving her feet! She loves to spend time led on her back grabbing hold of her feet and aiming them for her mouth!
  • Drinking mammoth amounts of milk (9oz every 3 hours!) and yet still not really interested in food. When the time is right we are going to give baby led weaning a try.
  • Had her first go on a swing and loved it! We are really lucky to have lots to do around where we live and have a park just minutes from our house that I am sure we will be visiting more often come the summer!

IMG_5195 IMG_5196

It’s so hard not to compare your little one to other babies the same age, but the truth is all babies develop at different speeds and they all get there in the end. Try not to worry!

I hope your little ones are doing just great!

F x

Hello to my own little corner of the internet!

It seems the whole world and his wife are blogging nowadays, so I thought i would join in the hype and claim my own little corner of the internet!

Im Felicity, a newly wed mummy to a 5 month old little girl living in Bristol in the United Kingdom!


                                             On our wedding day!                                  Our little girl Alice!

In this space I will be sharing our journey with you, any tips and tricks we find along the way, and hopefully soon our journey to becoming a family of four!

I’d love to get to know you guys, some come and say hi!

F x

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